Supporting sustainable business partnerships

in fashion between Berlin and the USA

About the Project

Fashion Forward Network (FFN) is a project that supports new business partnerships in fashion between Berlin and the USA. We connect Berlin-based fashion brands, agencies and tech startups with innovators, institutions, experts and multipliers in the USA, not only to promote growth, but also further developments in sustainability and digitization on both sides of the Atlantic.

We provide access to resources that cater to individual business needs: from entering the US market and legal advice to participating in leading trade fairs and making the right connections. Through networking events, delegation trips, workshops and webinars we aim to strengthen German-American economic relations and drive prosperity, competitiveness and internationalization in Berlin.

FFN is funded by a program on federal state level. It’s financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the state of Berlin.


PHOTO: William Fan by George Nebieridze






What we're all about

FFN is a business network for Berlin and US-based companies in the fashion and impact sectors. We are here:

▸▸ To create new business partnerships in fashion between Berlin and the USA

▸▸ To foster growth and developments in sustainability and digitization

▸▸ For Berlin-based fashion brands, agencies and tech startups

▸▸ For US-based innovators, institutions, experts and multipliers

▸▸ Attract and support US companies and organizations to expand their operations into Berlin

Webinars & Workshops


▸▸ Sustainability, Digitization & Innovation

▸▸ Market Entry Strategies

▸▸ Manufacturing, Marketing & Distribution

▸▸ Agile Organization & Intercultural comms

▸▸ Customs & International Trade Advice

▸▸ Legal Support

Exploration Trips

▸▸ Speed Networking and Matchmaking Events

▸▸ Trade Fairs

▸▸ Lectures, Seminars, Roundtables

▸▸ Accelerators & Think Tanks

▸▸ Universities & Research Institutions

▸▸ Location Services


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Sqetch by Sourcebook GmbH

Sourcebook is a sustainable innovation agency based in Berlin. Our online B2B sourcing and networking platform, Sqetch, connects fashion brands to manufacturers and suppliers, with digital tools to support business along the entire supply chain. In addition to virtual matchmaking, we curate a range of innovation platforms including networking programmes, hackathons, exhibitions, conferences and think tanks, to catalyse the digital and sustainable transformation of the fashion and textiles industry.


Fashion Council Germany e.V.

Fashion Council Germany e. V. is the patron to empower the German fashion and design landscape for a visionary, technological and sustainable future in a global market. Founded in January 2015 in Berlin on the initiative of national industry experts, the FCG promotes German design as a cultural and economic asset and supports young designers from Germany. In order to achieve this goal, the FCG focuses on education, sustainability and fashion technology as well as the promotion of interdisciplinary dialogue and networking. Therefore, the Fashion Council carries out essential lobbying work in politics, business and culture, aims for visibility and emphasizes the global relevance of German fashion design and production nationally and internationally.

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