On July 3, 2023, Sqetch and the Fashion Council Germany e.V. invited their networks to join the digital kickoff for the innovative project Fashion Forward Network.  FFN is not just a project; it’s a vibrant community where creativity, innovation, and sustainability collide. It connects Berlin-based fashion brands, agencies, and tech startups with the brightest minds, institutions, and trailblazers across the USA. Together, we’ll shape the future of fashion on both sides of the Atlantic.

Next to the project team and sponsors, the key facts were presented during the kickoff, followed by a timeline showing all major events. You can check out the whole slide deck here.

Next to Marte Hentschel (CEO of Sourcebook) and Scott Lipinski, who introduced the project, Sebastian Serafin (Deputy Director of the Berlin Business Office in NYC) was invited as a speaker. The primary mission of his role is to facilitate a framework and environment to attract companies worldwide to expand to Berlin, and to support Berlin companies to grow within a globally competitive market. He outlined the huge potential of the US market and the many ways in which the Berlin Business Office can open the doors to this new market.

We ended the digital meetup with a Q&A session and gathered the most common questions here. If you want to take your chance and sign up, then follow this link or you can check the whole slide deck here. If you have questions regarding the project or the sign-up process, feel free to contact us via info@fashionforward.network

The Fashion Forward Network goes live with the transatlantic business cooperation program for the fashion industry.


FFN is your gateway to success, offering access to tailor-made resources to meet your individual business needs. From conquering the US market and receiving legal expertise to showcasing at renowned trade fairs and forging strategic connections, we’ve got you covered.

But FFN is more than just a business. It’s a dynamic platform that brings like-minded individuals together through electrifying networking events, inspiring delegation trips, transformative workshops, and cutting-edge webinars. By fostering German-American economic relations, we’re driving prosperity, boosting competitiveness, and catapulting Berlin onto the global stage.

Sqetch and the Fashion Council Germany have joined forces to amplify the creative and innovative power of Berlin’s most exceptional fashion and impact tech companies. This strategic partnership ignites the spark for new possibilities, fuels exponential growth, and reshapes the very fabric of the fashion industry. FFN is funded by a program at the federal state level. It’s financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the state of Berlin.

Visit our website today for more information about Fashion Forward Network and discover how you can shape a sustainable future for fashion in Berlin and the USA. 

About Fashion Forward Network

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Fashion Forward Network (FFN) is a trailblazing project that connects Berlin and the USA, fostering sustainable business partnerships in the fashion industry. By bridging the gap between these creative hubs, FFN propels growth, innovation, and digitization while championing a sustainable future for fashion on both sides of the Atlantic. It’s a two-year project, starting March 1st, 2023, until February 28th, 2025, with the option to be prolonged.

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Sourcebook is a sustainable innovation agency based in Berlin. Our online B2B sourcing and networking platform, Sqetch, connects fashion brands to manufacturers and suppliers, with digital tools to support business along the entire supply chain. In addition to virtual matchmaking, we curate a range of innovation platforms, including networking programs, hackathons, exhibitions, conferences, and think tanks, to catalyze the digital and sustainable transformation of the fashion and textiles industries.

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Fashion Council Germany e.V. is the patron to empower the German fashion and design landscape for a visionary, technological, and sustainable future in a global market. Founded in January 2015 in Berlin on the initiative of national industry experts, the FCG promotes German design as a cultural and economic asset and supports young designers from Germany. To achieve this goal, the FCG focuses on education, sustainability, and fashion technology, as well as the promotion of interdisciplinary dialogue and networking. Therefore, the Fashion Council carries out essential lobbying work in politics, business, and culture, aims for visibility, and emphasizes the global relevance of German fashion design and production nationally and internationally.

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